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Nathan's second appearance was in " Crippled Summer " at the summer camp Lake Tardicaca , a summer camp for the disabled. Every summer, the camp splits into two teams, who compete for the camp championship in a series of games. While Jimmy is the beloved leader of the camp's Blue team, Nathan is the sinister leader of the Red team, which has lost to the Blue team three years running. Furious for having lost to Jimmy so often, he creates assorted plots aimed at not only ruining the Blue team's chance at victory, but also will result in the death of Jimmy, who Nathan confesses to loath. However, Nathan's lackey, Mimsy , continuously botches-up Nathan's plans, which causes Nathan to suffer a lethal bite from a black Mamba snake, painfully attacked by Native Americans, comically raped by the shark , and finally blown himself up. While being rushed to the hospital, Jimmy, who is crowned king of summer camp, and who is unaware of Nathan's loathing, gives Nathan his crown in a sign of goodwill. Nathan, however, confesses to hate Jimmy, and again threatens Mimsy for his stupidity.

Abomb steroid side effects

a bomb steroid side effects


a bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effects