Define inhaled corticosteroids

Exposure measurements taken in ORs during the clinical administration of inhaled anesthetics indicate that waste gases can escape into the room air from various components of the anesthesia delivery system. Potential leak sources include tank valves, high- and low-pressure machine connections; connections in the breathing circuit, defects in rubber and plastic tubing, hoses, reservoir bags, and ventilator bellows, and the Y-connector. In addition, selected anesthesia techniques and improper practices such as leaving gas flow control valves open and vaporizers on after use, spillage of liquid inhaled anesthetics, and poorly fitting face masks or improperly inflated tracheal tube and laryngeal mask airway cuffs also can contribute to the escape of waste anesthetic gases into the OR atmosphere.

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Define inhaled corticosteroids

define inhaled corticosteroids


define inhaled corticosteroidsdefine inhaled corticosteroidsdefine inhaled corticosteroidsdefine inhaled corticosteroidsdefine inhaled corticosteroids