Do your testicles shrink from steroids

There are several different forms of swollen testicles. Sadly, it is hard to diagnosis the cause that is if the testes are not cut off. Thus, the only way to know the cause of swollen testes is to subject the dog for an operation. The testicle will then be removed as planned and inspected to determine the root cause. This approach is the usual advice if there are suspected growths or tumours affecting the testes. If it seems that the swelling is confined to only one testis, it is best to check the affected organ soon before it can affect the other one. So if the dog has been affected by a growth in one testicle it is best to have that affected testicle removed and sent to the lab for a possible diagnosis. Once it is diagnosed, the appropriately prescribed medical treatment can follow thereafter.
With regard to the actual examination, the testicles will have to be examined and scanned under a microscope’s lens. This microscopic examination is important because it helps identify whether the growths occurring inside the swollen testicles are benign or malignant. At times, the unaffected testicle may start to shrink. If this happens, do not be alarmed for this is actually quite normal. This may be caused by some hormonal changes to the dog’s body.  Swollen testicles may also lead to what is popularly called as the feminisation of a male dog whereby the dog is producing female hormones. Nevertheless, the term feminisation, if translated and interpreted literally, means a male dog transforming into a female. In this case though, the male canine can start producing oestrogen – the female sex hormone.

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Do your testicles shrink from steroids

do your testicles shrink from steroids


do your testicles shrink from steroidsdo your testicles shrink from steroidsdo your testicles shrink from steroidsdo your testicles shrink from steroidsdo your testicles shrink from steroids