Dresteroid belt


"Take 172."

"Okay, we've got the right sized docking ports this time. The plane is in the way, though. We need to undock it."
"Roger, Shercott."

"Okay, now we need to move the other plane."

"Creativity is almost done being outfitted for Jool!"
"Yes, Wernher. Now, only one thing is left."
"The Crew?"
"Recovery Systems?"
"A Webcast?"
"Nope, Nope, and Nope. The .!"
"The What?"
"The Tylo Army Support Craft!"
"It's basically a bunch of dockable fuel tanks so that the landers can reach Bop and Pol."
"Oh, okay."

"HO - LY - MO - HO - WHAT - IS - HAPP - PEN - ING!"
Me: Ugh, I hate this lag. Reminds me of when I used to play on an ancient Windows XP laptop.

"Alright, who put the submarine in front of the docking port?"
"We'll have to move it, boss."
Me: I need to be somewhere right now, I'll move it later.

"Let's just dock it to that port for the time being."
"Good plan."

"I can't see anything out of this Cupola!"
"Don't worry, we'll move it later."
Me: When I don't have five background programs running!

Me: 556 PARTS? That means, I have a new record! It is no longer held by Space Station Epic IV!
You're probably wondering what SSE IV is.

Dresteroid belt

dresteroid belt


dresteroid belt