Face rash steroid cream

Had first reaction June 13…right eyelid swollen.. Left eye slightly affected. Have had 6 recurrences since then … Been treated with. Erythromycin ointment. Then 9 weeks later more intense erruptiom and was given clindycim for 10 days at ER. Condition subsided AFter 8 days. Then Came back slightly after again 10. Days. Was given tobrex ointments…7 weeks later had Hugh flair up again. This time angioefema was suspected from lisimopril I was taking. HVe now need off. Lisinopr for 6 weeks and and have also been off hydrazine since ..12/18 and Still it. Is Back again since yesterday snd is moving my neck and blotchy on some area of my face. Am besides my self. I have no definitive answers.. Can you help

A dermatologist diagnoses perioral dermatitis by examination. No other tests are usually done. The first step in treating perioral dermatitis is to discontinue all topical steroid creams , even non-prescription hydrocortisone. Once the steroid cream is discontinued, the rash appears and feels worse for days to weeks before it starts to improve. Heavy face creams should also be stopped. One must resist the temptation to apply any of these creams to the face when this happens. Think of the face as a cream junkie that needs a "fix"- one needs to go "cold-turkey".

My itching started 10 days after giving birth to my son. my obgyn said it was not Pupp because “Pupp only occurs during prgnancy.” So I went to my family doctor and he said he had treated 3 cases of Pupp after delivery and he was sure what I had was Pupp. He prescribed prednisone for 7 days and the itch went away after day two. However 3 days after i finioshed the dosage, the itch came back. Its been two weeks since then and I am still itching. Hot compresses before bed seem to give me enough relief for me to fall asleep.

Face rash steroid cream

face rash steroid cream


face rash steroid creamface rash steroid creamface rash steroid creamface rash steroid creamface rash steroid cream