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I think it is absurd that we live in a free society that makes steroids illegal. If you want to be a big fatty you've got cheap access to all the ding dongs and french fries you could ever eat, but if you want a little help to become fit and strong we're going to force you off to the black market to inject yourself what you HOPE is something that was meant for horses instead of letting you legitimately go to your doctor and start a safe and reasonable cycle. If you want a boner 24/7 then it's totally legit to get pills for that but if you just want to add a little more muscle mass you can go to jail? It's just stupid IMO.

Since exercise demands you to follow a tough routine, it is quite challenging and requires sheer dedication to the cause. Jeff is a live example of such dedication. He believes that the urge to achieve higher in life is what keeps him going every day. He believes that there’s no point regretting in what has already happened. Only a person himself can help themselves to a better life.

It is one reason that he started so early with workouts. Normally people start in the late teenage or in the 20s but Jeff broke all barriers to follow his dream.

Fitmisc steroids

fitmisc steroids


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