Injection spot for steroids


It is extremely important to never inject pills as they contain pill binders that may congregate and cause blood clots and other serious bodily harm. This risk may be mitigated by the use of micron filters and extraction of the active pill ingredient, but it is not advised to inject pills of any kind. This issue is most often seen with pills that contain oxycodone . When crushed these pills may look safe to inject, but they may harbor pill binders and other materials that can clog up the veins and cause blockages in the bloodstream, resulting in circulation issues and kidney complications. [18 ]

First you must determine which hand you will use to locate the IM injection site by the position the patient is in, for example if the patient is on their right side you would use your right hand to find the landmarks. So using the example, a person is lying on their right side so you would take your right hand and place it on their greater trochanter, depending on the length of your fingers you would then place your index finger on the anterior superior iliac spine or point your finger in that direction with the thumb pointed at the groin, all other fingers should be pointed at the patient's head. Once your hand is in position move your middle finger back along the iliac crest towards the buttock as far as you are able to go. This forms the triangle with the index and middle finger and the center of that triangle is the injection site for a ventrogluteal injection.

Injection spot for steroids

injection spot for steroids


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