Listeroid air compressor conversion

George, this is not about the subject at hand,but I have a question about portable generators. I bought one that was remanufactured,which was my mistake. I bought it a few years ago so no warranty applies. I just finally decided to check it out. I have 120 volts to the receptacles,but do not have 240 at its receptacle. I do have 120 volts at each respective lug on my 240 volt outlet when I check each by touching the ground,but I do not have 240 volts when checking across the two 120 lugs. Do generators produce 120 and 240 volts independently of each other? If so could the 240 volt portion be shorted? I am no expert on this subject, I am just confused as to why I have 120 volts on each respective lug on the 240 volt outlet,but not 240 volts when I check them together. Thanks for any input.

One more plug for George at : He's written a wonderful artical (About 80 pages long) called Lister Longevity. He suggests that folks buy it before they get into one of these engines, and I'd have to agree. Some manufactures do a better job than others, I think mine falls somewhere inbetween. (George knows which ones are good, which are bad.. and which are a good gamble!) "Lister Longevity" goes into a lot more depth than his pages at , and it not only tells the reader what they may be getting into, but it also details lots of assembly/disassembly proceedures - lots of tips on improving them.... the document in my opinion makes the engine a much more valuable thing.

Listeroid air compressor conversion

listeroid air compressor conversion


listeroid air compressor conversionlisteroid air compressor conversionlisteroid air compressor conversionlisteroid air compressor conversionlisteroid air compressor conversion