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Dexmethylphenidate has a 4–6 hour duration of effect (a long-acting formulation, Focalin XR, which spans 12 hours is also available and has been shown to be as effective as DL (dextro-, levo-) -TMP (threo-methylphenidate) XR (extended release) (Concerta, Ritalin LA), with flexible dosing and good tolerability. [54] [55] ) It has also been demonstrated to reduce ADHD symptoms in both children [56] and adults. [57] d-MPH has a similar side-effect profile to MPH [5] and can be administered without regard to food intake. [58]

The long system of alternating double and single bonds common to all carotenoids allows them to absorb light in the visible range of the spectrum (10) . This feature has particular relevance to the eye, where lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin (derived from lutein) efficiently absorb blue light. Depending on the carotenoid pigment density at the center of the eye’s retina ( macula ), up to 90% of blue light can be absorbed by these pigments. Reducing the amount of short-wavelength light that reaches the critical visual structures of the eye may protect them from light-induced oxidative damage (19) . Because the only source of these plant pigments in the eye is diet, a number of observational and intervention studies have examined the potential of dietary and supplemental lutein and zeaxanthin to protect against age-related eye diseases (see Age-related macular degeneration and Cataracts ). Supplemental lutein, alone or with zeaxanthin, was found to improve contrast sensitivity and protect against visual fatigue in young and/or healthy individuals (20-23) . Lutein has also been suggested to improve visual function through stimulating neuronal signaling efficiency in the eye (24) .

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Meso rx steroid underground

meso rx steroid underground


meso rx steroid undergroundmeso rx steroid undergroundmeso rx steroid undergroundmeso rx steroid undergroundmeso rx steroid underground