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Owens was a supremely talented receiver, but he also was a supremely selfish player who submarined multiple franchises during his playing career. Owens forced his way out of San Francisco only to have a two-year stint in Philadelphia that ended with him doing sit-ups in a driveway before being suspended by the team. Owens resurfaced in Dallas, and that ended badly, too. After stints in Buffalo and Cincinnati, Owens’ 15-year career ended with Hall of Fame numbers. But he is having to wait longer because of all that damage.

The long version:
Trammel is a definite. He was easily one of the biggest head scratchers out of the hall.
Morris was essentially a durable, but inconsistent number 3. Its not a total travesty thay he’s in because it’s no small feat to be a productive, above average major leaguer for like 20 years but I, personally wouldnt have voted him.
The biggest snubs currently not still on the BBWA as of now:
Dick Allen, Orel Hershiser, Kenny Lofton, Lou Whitaker, Lee Smith and Marvin Miller
~Wouldnt be opposed to seeing Garvey or Palmiero elected (Steroids can help, but 3000 hits and 500 home runs is still insane).

Mlb vs nfl steroids

mlb vs nfl steroids


mlb vs nfl steroidsmlb vs nfl steroidsmlb vs nfl steroidsmlb vs nfl steroidsmlb vs nfl steroids