Safe areas to inject steroids

Q: Is this form of therapy really new?
A:  Prolotherapy has been used successfully as early as 500 . when Roman soldiers with shoulder joint dislocations were treated with hot branding irons to help fuse the torn ligaments in the shoulder joint. Advances in medicines greatly improved on this process, and led to the modern techniques of strengthening the fibrous tissue rather than producing scarring to fuse tissues. In 1926, a group of physicians met with great success using injection therapy to treat hernias and hemorrhoids. Earl Gedney, ., a well-known Orthopedist, decreased his surgical practice and began to inject joints with these newer injectible medicines in the 1940s and 1950s. Also, in 1950, George Stuart Hackett, ., wrote a book on injection therapy. His work is still used today in training physicians. In the years since this early work, techniques and medications have advanced to move from a scarring or fusing effect to a strengthening effect, which restores the weakened joint to its original level of stability, without loss of flexibility and function.

If the massage therapist notices any hypoglycemic symptoms, they must ask the client how they feel. A confirmation of a blood sugar reaction or a response that seems “off” requires immediate attention. A blood sugar drop can occur very quickly in diabetes, and is easily addressed with the administration of sugar. Make sure you have sugar available, either in the form of fruit juice, cookies, glucose tablets or some other sweet. Many diabetics carry sugar pills with them for such an event. The diabetic will typically experience an increase in blood sugar within minutes. Be certain that your client is feeling better befoe they get off of the table and again prior to their departure. It may be necessary to eat more sugar or test their blood glucose level to make certain of their safety.

I have been using artefill or artecoll its previous product name for over a decade in Canada.  Its biggest risk is palpable lumps.  These are generally small and often palpable but not visible.  True granulomas are rare and I have never seen one  in the hundreds of cases ive done.  Artefill is most useful for correctiing pitted acne scars where small quantities are injected.  Its other use is in correcting subtle nasal bone asymmetry after rhinoplasty. In my opinion it should not be used in large quantities. It should be injected in sub dermal or deep dermal plain. When used for lip augmentation patients should be advised that they will likely  have palpable textural changes and possible lumps in their lips.

Safe areas to inject steroids

safe areas to inject steroids


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