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Franz was promoted to Untersturmführer (Second Lieutenant) and became an appointed official on 21 June 1943 on the orders of Heinrich Himmler . On 2 August 1943, Franz along with four SS men and sixteen Ukrainians went for a swim in the nearby Bug River , which depleted the security at Treblinka significantly and helped to improve the chances of success of the prisoner revolt that took place at the camp that day. After the revolt, the camp's commandant Franz Stangl left. Kurt Franz served as his replacement, and he was instructed to dismantle the camp and to eliminate every trace of evidence that it had ever existed. [1] Franz had at his disposal some SS men, a group of Ukrainian guards and about 100 Jewish prisoners who had remained after the uprising. The physical work was carried out by the Jews during September and October 1943, after which thirty to fifty prisoners were sent to Sobibor to finish dismantling there, and the remainder were shot and cremated on Franz's orders.

You should identify the cause before treating the itching. For bacterial/fungal infection using antibiotic cream can reduce itching. Over the counter ointment can be applied on the testicles during night. Always wash the private parts thoroughly after using toilet and dry them before wearing clothes. Keeping the area dry and clean is the ideal way to prevent growth of bacteria or fungus. You can always try home remedies to manage itchy testicles before visiting your physician. Apply few drops of tea tree oil on the area to manage itching. It is a powerful antifungal agent cleansing the parasites within a day or two. Add few drops of this oil on a cotton ball and rub it gently on your scrotum. By repeating this simple remedy for a week you can see considerable difference in itching.

Small testicles after steroids

small testicles after steroids


small testicles after steroidssmall testicles after steroidssmall testicles after steroidssmall testicles after steroidssmall testicles after steroids