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Arghya, in response to your substantive comments:
1. As to the finality of the decision provided for in Article 311(3), I would think that the finality cannot bar judicial review; and writs under Article 226 or Article 32 would still lie. However, since the standard of review would be Wednesbury, if you are suggesting that the Court would usually be loathe to reverse a decision taken under Article 311(2), I agree.
2. As to the due process, I am afraid I cannot see what more could have been done on the facts of the case. The initiation of the process with a report, which was considered by the Full Court, which then made a recommendation to the Governor, seems to incorporate sufficient safeguards, especially given the interests of the judiciary as an institution involved.

Karl, Herbert Hoover was the "Mitt Romney" of his day --- a wonderfully decent man and one of the greatest business success stories of his era. He failed, as you imply, because he tried to create a hybrid entity of business and government, and most hybrid entities aren't viable. He TALKED "rugged individualism." He GOVERNED as a mild activist, going just far enough to allocate a lot of money to fighting the Depression, but not going far enough to achieve decisive results.

This is the problem with businesspeople like Herbert Hoover, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney who are elected to high office. They look like world-beaters so long as the economy is firing on all cylinders. When the economy crashes they are "ducks out of water" because they imagine that the same old policies of making government work exclusively in the interests of the 1% will pull the economy out of the ditch.

I'm not sure that Obama knows how to make the economy work for the 99% either, but he is stumbling along in the right direction. I'm afraid Mitt would roof-rack the 99% and then drive them off a cliff.

Life-size scale illustrations have a visceral power and accessibility - the ruler is a sound touch to remind us of this. Maybe bringing in a domestic or schoolroom tool such as a ruler, these 'escaped' insects seem even scarier - the object that you are comparing it to can bring an emotional meaning as well as a quantitative scale - it's why lazy journalism that compares everything with buses or elephants seems glib - people don't just compare the scale - they look for an association between the meaning of compared objects

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