Steroid dog cancer

We are one week post-second chemotherapy injection.  We have not seen improvements like we had hoped.  Nunya’s breathing is still getting worse.  She makes a constant gurgling/snoring sound when breathing.  Sleeping is very hard for her as she constantly wakes herself up.  Sometimes she will try to breathe out of her mouth, but she tends to pant more instead of learning how to slow mouth breathe yet.  We have also noticed a decreased amount of the congestion crust in her nose and increase in reverse sneezing.  While maybe this is good, we actually fear it is not so good and that the tumor is starting to block most of the nasal passage so that even snot is not getting out.  We will have to see what the vets think at her next appointment.

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Steroid dog cancer

steroid dog cancer


steroid dog cancersteroid dog cancersteroid dog cancersteroid dog cancersteroid dog cancer