Steroids for dog ear hematoma

Canine ear care is necessary for preventing the described conditions. Regular dog ear cleaning with a quality canine ear wash and watching out for any problem in the ear during the initial stages of a problem can help to prevent possible incurable ear problems.  A homeopathic product such as Ear Dr. can be an effective natural approach for cleaning canine ears , soothing and conditioning the ear  to prevent scratching and itching, plus it is a way to promote complete ear health.  Ear wax levels should also be kept at normal levels.

A typical course of antibiotics for treating an ear infection can be as brief as five to seven days or as long as several months. In many cases, the ears may start looking better after only a few applications of medication or after only a few doses of oral medication. However, it is advised to give all medications as directed for the full course of treatment. Your veterinarian may recommend recheck exams during the course of treatment to monitor how well the condition is responding to therapy. Notify your veterinarian right away if your pet’s ears begin to look worse, if the problem seems to return after treatment is completed, or if other signs of illness are observed.

Steroids for dog ear hematoma

steroids for dog ear hematoma


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