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Depending on which country you are in, however, you might be permitted to format shift. The UK that's not legal, even though everyone (and probably their grandmother) is format shifting their CDs into MP3s these days. The UK government have started looking at this ridiculous position with a view to changing the law. Lets hope they have an attack of sense, and decide that because 90% of the population are doing it, that democracy should prevail and legalise it. Especially considering I've never heard anyone being prosecuted for ripping their CDs, ever.

The drug companies are in the business of “harvesting” profits from human disease, not saving lives or helping parents obediently subject their children to vaccines and then suddenly a child becomes autistic (after the post-vaccine fever and seizures, of course), they then “wake up” and realize they were lied to all along about vaccine safety.
To defend Big Pharma today is to defend a cabal of criminal corporations that have proven they will do anything — absolutely anything — to keep their profits rolling in. It makes no difference who they have to bribe, what studies they have to falsify, or who has to be threatened into silence. They will stop at nothing to expand their profit base, even if it means harming (or killing) countless innocents.
Kratom, on the other hand, is a very beneficial, God given plant that helps people and is being slandered visciously and unfairly by these crooks and their politick bulles.

Where to buy legal steroids

where to buy legal steroids


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